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Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance | Emergency Car Jump Start| 12V 24V Electric| New Car Battery


CAR NOT STARTING?  IS YOUR BATTERY FLAT?  IN NEED OF A JUMP START?     Call Crown Car Recovery 020 8099 9244, your specialist ROADSIDE ASSISTANT. We offer fast, simple, straightforward, immediate quotes and vehicle services. We come to you, at home or work, 7 days a week, available 24 hours per day, anywhere within Greater London and surrounding counties.

We carry out Emergency call-outs and aim to be with you within 40 minutes of your call. We are a BREAKDOWN RECOVERY and ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE business trained to assist you with all your Car, Motorcycle, Van, 4×4, or Truck needs. Whether your vehicle is 12V, 24V, Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid, or Electric, we can help! Guaranteed to get you going with your vehicle battery issues (if serviceable) or get you to your destination with our Breakdown Recovery services if your vehicle displays other faults. We are aware that you need urgent assistance, so we won’t bog you down in form filling or getting lost in a system of bureaucracy answering endless questions. We know you want help NOW! Below are the typical questions you could be asked at the quick quote phone assessment. We consistently charge affordable fees, tailored for your specific scenario and vehicle type.

Questions we may ask can include:

  • Postcode of vehicle (address)
  • Access to the vehicle (i.e. driveway, underground car park, etc)
  • Car, Van, Truck, Motorcycle or 4×4
  • Vehicle Make and Model (or registration number)
  • Vehicle last used
  • Diesel, Hybrid, or Electric
  • Manual, Automatic, Semi-Automatic, or Motorcycle
  • Emergency call-out or pre-booking
  • Payment type

Crown Car Recovery has extensive experience in the Automotive industry. We are reliable, experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled. We are aware that there are numerous and various reasons why a vehicle refuses to start. We aim to get your vehicle started and onwards with your journey. We generally identify the cause of your battery failure and report back to you, during our visit, so you don’t have a repeat of this unplanned expenditure and inconvenient setback. We are qualified to test the condition of your battery and associated systems (i.e. alternator, starter motor) and narrow down the cause(s) and give you answers.

Common causes of battery failure can include:

  • Cold Weather

This is the number one reason why car batteries die. Even at a mild 32 degrees celsius, a battery is 35% weaker. At 0 degrees celsius, it plummets to 60% weaker.

  • Time

Just like batteries in your TV remote, eventually, there isn’t power left to bring your battery back to life. An average car battery life span is between three to five years.

  • Corrosion

Battery acid is corrosive. This is one of the other reasons why car batteries repeatedly die due to corrosion at the connections. Check under the bonnet!

  • Drain

The car interior lights, side lights, etc have accidentally been left on and drained the battery. Human error is a common cause of battery failure and a top battery killer.

  • Parasitic drain

One of the most frequent parasites is a bad alternator. Car batteries rely on the alternator to recharge it. If your alternator isn’t regenerating, your battery will die.

When a car battery is weak even your interior lights can become a challenge to illuminate. Keep an eye out for symptoms that your battery may be losing power. If you notice your headlights dimming while your car idles or start/stop cars are difficult to start on occasion, these could be good indicators. A vehicle’s dashboard battery symbol may illuminate and appear once in a while too, whilst driving. To affirm that a battery is losing power, you can either test your battery yourself or ask Crown Car Recovery to assist. Some garages include this test as part of the annual service. It is obviously better to renew the battery when it is becoming weak, rather than be inconvenienced when your vehicle fails to start.

Other ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE and SUPPORT SERVICES provided include (not limited to):

Car battery replacement – We purchase a new battery on your behalf and fit it accordingly

Wheel Changing – In the event of a puncture, we can change your wheel to your spare

Car fault diagnosis – We can diagnose various faults and recommend an appropriate garage

Support – We provide general vehicle advice, referrals, recommendations, and sign-posting

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